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Written by Mr.😎

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December 30, 2020

Before knowing about uTest, you should get familiar with “Applause.” Applause is a global company that tests hardware and software products. Applause utilizes uTest for crowd testing. uTest involves live testing of software and hardware. uTest empowers Applause to accommodate real-world testing results, which will help in improving the quality of products. So, now you know your job at uTest. Yeah, you guessed it, we’re the testers. We test software and hardware products, provide feedback, find bugs, and report them!

Well, the pay is minimal at the beginning. Pay depends on the rating and several other factors. I participated in 10 test cycles so far and made around 60-70$. It isn’t about the compensation the thing is I love the job. If you’re a tech enthusiast who loves testing tech stuff, then this is the platform for you. There is a good scope in uTest. If you have proper skills, they might hire you for full time. I have read a few articles where testers became a full-time employee at uTest. Sometimes we get invited for on-site testing, which is really awesome. Yes, there is a good chance of growth here. Few testers became Test Team Leads(TTLs) were a few became community managers and uTest employees. Sounds outstanding, right?

Should I have skills?

You might feel that you need a lot of technical skills to do the job, right? But it’s not entirely true. Yes, you need a piece of adequate knowledge in using the internet more than that; the only skill you need was “Willingness to learn.” uTest community has a learning platform in it. It is called uTest Academy. Continue reading, and you’ll know more about it…

My journey with uTest!


While surfing the web, I came to know about uTest on Reddit. I joined uTest on 06/27/2020. After registering, I completed my profile and started with uTest Academy. Being vehement, I finished four courses and waited for the paid test cycle invitations. I was too lazy to complete the rest. I know it’s a pity, but yeah, I didn’t realize the significance of uTest back then. Luckily after a month, I got invited for a paid test cycle. I accepted the test, but I didn’t participate.  I have entirely forgotten about uTest until I got another invitation last month(November). This time I decided to join in the cycle. As a beginner, I faced many difficulties. To be honest, I didn’t even understand a few things. All thanks to TTL for guiding me patiently through the whole process. I am a fast learner. I managed to follow all the test case instructions and submitted my first TC also submitted two bugs. To my pleasant surprise, TC and a bug report got approved. Yes, one of my bugs got rejected because I haven’t provided sufficient attachments. In the same month, I got three more invitations. I was thrilled and started liking uTest. I participated in them, but I didn’t give my best there. This month I got invited for 6 test cycles. I was super excited this time and actively participated in them. Most of them are exploratory cycles. Lately, I have realized the value of uTest. Now, I am doing the Academy and practice test cycles. In the last few days, I learned a lot. I got a ‘Rated’ rating on the 25/12/2020 fun fact because I was only a few points away to get a ‘Proven’ badge. uTest community is incredible. I can interact with fellow testers, TTL’s, TE’s, share my thoughts, ask my queries what not!
Promptly I understood my terrible mistakes, and I don’t want you to do the same. Believe me, uTest is fantastic.

Learn from my mistakes:

Complete your Profile and Academy ASAP: The only good thing that I did was fill my profile in the first place. I suggest you do the same. Fill in your personal info, Add your devices, and finally, payment and subscription info.

Aw! Academy, I absolutely want to talk about it. uTest Academy is a free training platform that is far better than paid testing courses available online. I was from a non-IT background, but still, I don’t have any issues. The detailing is clear as crystal. One can get a decent knowledge about testing after completing the Academy. It has everything, and everything is in it.

Don’t accept a Test cycle invitation if you don’t have time. Doing this can negatively affect your rating. First, take time to read the overview entirely. If you feel you’re eligible and can spare time for testing, then only accept it. If not, decline it. Declining won’t affect your rating, and also, it won’t affect your future invitations.

Few important tips for beginners:

In the last few days, I learned a lot about uTest. Read many articles and also from my experience, I want to suggest a few things for you.

Be Active in the community: Yes, you read it right. This community is full of amazing people. Try to make good connections. Over time you will learn a lot of new things from the community. Additionally, you also get uPoints for being active in the community. Keep in mind there is no way that these uPoints could fetch you more paid test cycle invitations. They don’t have any monetary value but again, gaining knowledge is more bounteous.

Don’t report more bugs until you are comfortable with the process. Being ‘Unrated,’ you can only report up to five bugs. There is no such limit once you obtain a ‘Proven’ rating.

Claim your slots as soon as possible. Slots are limited, so when you accept the invitation, immediately claim the slot also. Please check the environment before claiming the slot. If you don’t claim the slot with the correct environment, then it will be unclaimed automatically without prior notice.

Once you complete a test cycle, be patient. It can take up to 35 days to approve or reject the reported issues. Yes! 35 days. The TTL will review within the time frame. Don’t ask TTL to fasten the process.

Prepare your mind: You’re not going to make much money at the beginning. In the front, it is more like how much you learn rather than how much you earn. It definitely takes time. Be passionate and consistent. There will be a day, fingers crossed!

Also, test cycle invitations are not continuous. There are several factors like rating, demographics, devices that are going to affect test cycle invitations. Patience is the key!! 🤗

How to register for uTest?

  1. Open the link www.utest.com/signup/personal
  2. Enter your details, verify your email.
  3. Fill your profile. That’s it!

Guys, let’s build our community there. After registering, follow me. You can update your status, write articles, ask questions, you can tag me, and much more. Come on guys, let’s have some fun in testing 🙂

This is my username on uTest: @thedollarhacks

My Profile link: www.utest.com/profile/thedollarhacks/about

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  1. Mohammad shoaib

    Hii .. Hppy to see u.. Motivating for ppls. Push to encourage to grow..

    If u have youTube channel. Can u please share?

    I am also a beginner, learning frm u..

    About Utest, user testing and dscout. Thanqu

    • Mr.😎

      I am glad that you found my blog helpful. Sorry as of now, I don’t have a YouTube. Things might change in the near future. I’m happy for you and good luck 🙂



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