What is UHRS and How to access UHRS?


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August 7, 2020

UHRS stands for “Universal Human Relevance System.” UHRS is a platform where a variety of different tasks were assigned to the workers. UHRS partners with different companies of crowdsourcing like Clickworker, One Forma, etc. and provides micro-jobs (known as Hits or HitApps) which means they are usually short and easy to complete. I’ve been working for UHRS for quite some time now.

As I mentioned earlier UHRS partners with crowdsourcing companies like Clickworker, OneForma. To get access to UHRS, you must register for either of these companies mentioned above. Clickworker UHRS has proper scope because they provide a wide range of tasks when compared to One Forma. But you need to qualify the assessments to get access to UHRS on Clickworker. Assessments are non-repeatable.

Understanding UHRS

There are some basic terminologies to understand before getting started.

Market Place – this is the homepage where you can find the available HitApps

My Report – in this section, you can find your total earnings and the time spent on HitApps. Also, you can check your spam score. Spam score below 0.7 can get you disqualified from a HitApp.

Guideline – these are the guidelines or instructions on how to do the Hits. The guidelines vary from one HitApp to others. Make sure to be familiar with these guidelines before starting.

Preview – sometimes you can look at what the Hit looks like before attempting it 

Qualification – for some Hits you need to pass the qualification test to work.

Training – some Hits lets you practice before appearing for qualification.

Start Judging – click this to start working on the Hit.

To have an overview Click here to see the UHRS login page.

Sometimes you may find technical glitches while working If you face any such issues with the particular HitApp you can always report the problem by clicking the small bug icon in the top right-hand corner of the HitApp.


Pro-Tip: Always read the guidelines first and then click on the preview to have an overview on the HitApp then go for training before taking the qualification. You will be paid only for the valid Hits so work mindfully. Keep checking your spam score and earnings on the “My Report” section which will be updated every 20 minutes.

Work availability and Pay rates

Hits are not continuous. The volume of tasks varies from time to time and country to country. Sometimes you can have a handful of tasks so sometimes it can be dry.

Remember, these are simple tasks, and the pay rate also varies from one HitApp to others based on the difficulty of the job.

Working in this platform is quite simple. What are you waiting for? Please read my article on Clickworker UHRS and start working in UHRS.

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