Top 3 Survey Sites in India with Tips to Qualify

Top 3 survey sites in India

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October 3, 2020

What are surveys and why are they carried out?

Surveys are used to know the general view of people to improve the products and services. Many companies, Public and Private Organizations, want to know people’s opinions who use their products and services. Surveys are also a fun way to learn about the products and influence their development.

Here is the list of the top 3 survey sites that work in India and read the tips section to get qualified for more surveys. I know surveys are boring, but these are great for the people who are about to start making money online.

Almost all the surveys look for the specific candidates who suit them. So, qualifying for a survey is difficult. Be prepared that you won’t be eligible for most of them. However, these are the genuine websites which compensate your time.

  1. LifePoints
  2. Survey Time
  3. AttaPoll



Surveys in LifePoints were engaging, and also they cover a wide range of topics. Take surveys to give your opinion and start collecting your LifePoints.

The amount of LifePoints depends on the survey. Generally, the longer the survey more the LifePoints. The good thing about the LifePoints is their Pre-qualification questioner is very fair, and also they reward you with minimum LifePoints even if you disqualify.

The registration process is quite simple. Just click on “Join Now,” follow the initial steps by filling the necessary details, then you will be sent an activation email to confirm your membership. Open your email and click on the link. Your membership will be activated. Now you can start taking surveys by sharing your view and opinions.

Rewards from LifePoints

Once you collect enough LP’s, You can redeem your LifePoints to Amazon, Flipkart, Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Myntra, Lifestyle and Shoppers Stop eGift cards also you can redeem them directly to your PayPal which can be transferred back to your bank account.

I redeemed four times from this survey site. As of now, I can say this is the best survey site in India. You need to have 340 LP’s to get 300 Rs. eGift voucher.




Surveytime is another excellent survey site that pays you instantly after completing the survey. You can directly sign up with your Google account and fill in your necessary details.

Whenever a survey comes available, You will receive an email notification. Just click on the link to complete the pre-qualification questioner; if you are the chosen one, you will be redirected to the primary survey. After the successful completion of the survey, the amount will be credited to your PayPal account instantly.

Commonly, you can see 0.5$ and 1$ surveys. 




AttaPoll is a mobile application. So this is the handiest one. You can instantly redeem your earnings to your PayPal wallet, but you should have a minimum of 3$ to redeem to PayPal. The pay rate depends on the length of the survey. The longer the survey, the more will be the pay.

The registration process is easy and handy. You need to download the application from Playstore/Appstore and fill your profile. Your balance will be updated immediately after completing a survey successfully. You will get a notification when the survey is available. Surveys are limited, so so should be very quick to get paid. Like survey time, there will be a pre-qualification questioner; if something goes wrong, they will kick you out midway without paying.
Click here to register for AttaPoll

Tips to qualify surveys

I know most of you guys were frustrated with the survey sites. I won’t blame you because they are really irritating sometimes. I felt the pain, after answering a bunch of questions and ending up disqualifying. So, here are some useful tips that help you not to get disqualified.

1. Be attentive: survey sites will ask the same question multiple times to cross-check the answers, be focused, and read the question thoroughly before answering.

2. Don’t change the answer: follow a unique pattern for all the surveys. Don’t change your answers for the survey to survey. Just stick with one. The most common question for all the surveys was about the demographics.

3. Be Patient: If you are surveying after some time, you will get bored, and you will start answering without even reading the questions. It would help if you kept in mind that there will be few questions in between to test your attention. If their system detects this, you will be kicked out of the survey midway without getting paid.

4. Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore demographics could fetch you more surveys.

5. There will be pre-qualification screeners for almost all the surveys; make sure you answer them carefully.

6. Most of the surveys ask about your job role, make sure to select jobs related to Information Technology (IT), and don’t go with the marketing-related option; this may result in disqualification because they might feel you as a direct competitor.

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