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August 22, 2020


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If you are looking for quick money, Testable Minds is perfect for you. Get dollars every week!

World’s best universities need your mind. Participate in online studies and get paid.

Testable Minds is a platform where researchers from the world’s most prestigious universities will recruit participants (“testable minds”) for their psychological and behavioral experiments. As a “testable mind,” you can participate in those studies, and you will be paid for your time.

Testable Minds is super cool. As mentioned earlier, they conduct studies. There will be a constant flow of studies all the time from various prestigious universities around the globe. Based on your profile, you will receive studies.

You can make a direct contribution towards scientists’ understanding of how the human mind works, and be compensated for your time.

Register, complete your profile, and get ready to participate in top-notch psychology and behavioral studies.

How Do I Get Paid?

You will get paid via PayPal, Revolut. Even though Revolut won’t charge you any commission as of now, Revolut is not available in India. On the other hand, PayPal typically charges a small commission. I noticed that PayPal charges 0.7$ for every 10$ withdrawal. TM claims that they also do Direct bank transfers, but I couldn’t see that option on their website.

How to Participate in Paid studies?

Once you register for TM, you will see studies in your dashboard which match your profile.

It would be best if you turn on the desktop notifications for TM website. So that whenever a study matching your profile appears, you will receive a notification but, to be honest, most of the time TM notifications are broken. Sometimes, you won’t receive notification even though the study was available. Anyways, if there are free slots, click on it, you will be directed to the study page, then click on “I want to participate.” TM asks you to verify your presence. To do that you need to submit your instant selfie using your webcam of your Laptop/Desktop. Sometimes there will be a simple Captcha verification after successful verification the actual study begins.

Make sure to complete the study in time. After completing the study, you should come back to the TM study page and click on “Done.” Sometimes after completing the study, you will see the completion code. In such a case, it is mandatory to enter the code back on the TM study page. Your entry will not be counted if you fail to do that.

Remember, studies are continuous, but different researchers look for different minds, so based on your profile, studies appear in your dashboard.

There will be limited slots. Slots count is based on the researcher’s interest. Some researchers might look for 200 participants, whereas others might look for only 5 participants. So, you must be active to reserve a slot for you. If the slots were filled, you could no longer participate in those studies.

However, there is no limit on participating in studies. You can participate in an unlimited number of studies that are matching your profile.

How do I verify my identity?

According to TM, verifying your identity is not mandatory, but I suggest you verify it. Most researchers look for verified minds, so even if your profile matches the study, you cannot participate in it.

The verification process is quite simple. You can submit your Aadhar card, PAN card even your College ID to get verified. Usually, they take 24 hours to verify, but sometimes they may take up to 72 hours.

Additionally, a verified mind can withdraw his money instantly via Revolut(it is an online money transferring platform, but as of now it is not available in India)

Also, if you are a verified mind, you can withdraw your money if you reach 10$. If you are not a verified mind, you need to have a minimum of 20$ to place the withdrawal request.

How much can I make from Testable Minds?

It depends on you. As I said earlier, there will be a limited number of slots. Also, each study has a different number of slots. Slots get filled according to the first-come, first-serve basis. You must be active to reserve a slot for you.

Based on the duration, complexity, and researcher, the pay rate varies. Trust me, the pay rate is very fair.

Some studies will pay as low as 0.5$, where others even pay 21$. So, I said it depends on you. If you participate actively, on average, you can make 10-20$ per week. While registering for TM, they say you can withdraw only 50$ per month but, last month, I withdrew over 70$.

How long will it take to get Paid?

It depends on the researcher. When you complete a study, the researcher reviews it, and once he approves your participation, the money will add to your TM wallet. If you are curious, you can check the researcher’s average approval time by going to his/her profile. To do that, go to your account activity where you can see all the studies you participated in and then click on the researcher’s name to find the researcher’s primary information. 

Once the amount gets credited to your wallet, TM pays out every week. However, you should have a minimum of 10$ in your TM wallet to place a withdrawal request. Regularly, TM sends your payments every Tuesday.

You place withdrawal requests on any day. For example, if you place a payout request on Monday, you will receive your payment on the next day, i.e., Tuesday.

How to Sign Up for Testable Minds?

1. Navigate to https://minds.testable.org/register and solve the CAPTCHA (The site may ask for cookie information. Enable cookies for a better experience.)

2. Fill the details. Also, verify your Email and Phone number. Accept their Terms and Conditions by checking the boxes and click on “Continue.”

3. After confirming the Email address and Phone number, you need to verify your identity. Submit your ID with photo and date of birth. You can submit any proof like Aadhar card, Pan card, Driving license, College ID, etc.

4. On the top right corner, click on the Testable Mind ID and select Profile from the drop menu. Complete the profile to receive studies.

Follow the Walkthrough below

  • walkthrough

Tips to receive more studies

  • You must be proactive to participate in a study.
  • TM notifications won’t work correctly. So, it would be more helpful if you check on their website for every 30 min.
  • TM will be dry on weekends, and generally, you can see more studies on Monday’s.
  • Once you click on “I want to participate” complete the verification process immediately otherwise; you will be counted out.
  • You can also set up an Auto-refresh extension for the browser. It does a refreshing job for you and will notify you whenever a study is available. The auto-refresh extension helps a lot in this beer money world. I will be writing a separate article on it. Stay tuned.
  • Some studies may take just a few minutes, while others may take up to an hour. Generally, studies that take longer will pay higher.
  • Option to withdraw the money shows up automatically once you have the minimum balance(10$)

How to contact support?

They have an active help desk. Once you login to your TM account, you can find the “Support” option on the right side of your screen. If you run into any issues or if you have any queries, you can contact them by clicking on “Support.

Also, You can mail them at minds@testable.org

Payment Proof

So far. I made around 7800 Rs. from Testable Minds.

Testable Minds payment proof
Testable Minds payment proof

If you are interested in paid studies. Check out this article on Dscout

If you still have any queries, Let me know in the comments section.

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