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October 28, 2020

This gonna be interesting, keep reading! OnlineBookClub is one of the hidden sites. You will get paid for reviewing books. Keep in mind this isn’t a rich scheme. The overnight riche mindsets can stop reading right away and continue your daydreaming!

Ask yourself how many books(non-academic) have you read so far?

You know something, reading books is one of the most powerful activities that one can do in life.

Reading books influence the way you think, the way you see things, the way you do your day to day activities, and the way you live. Books are that efficacious they are even capable of changing your entire life.

Proper physical exercise directly improves your health; Proper mental exercise indirectly improves your wealth. You might be wondering, how do I do that? The answer is simple “Read Books.”

Right now, you might be giggling thinking that “I have already read piles of academic books, but nothing is changed.”


Reading Academic books could fetch you excellent grades by improving your professional skills. In contrast, non-academic books let you live life to the fullest. Books are words of wisdom. They help to tackle situations.

Books are for the greater good. They may not pay your bills today but believe me they aid you in ripping off your bills in the near future.

Okay, what happened has happened. At Least start reading books from today if you haven’t already. If not, no life-changing miracle going to happen in your life.

Read for pleasure so that you can learn more.

Coming to the topic,

I kept expecting to figure out what the scam was. To my pleasant surprise, it is not a scam. OnlineBookClub is one of the legitimate sites that genuinely pay for reviewing books. This is a fantastic opportunity not only to get books for free but also you get free money for reviewing them. You gain proper knowledge alongside some bucks. What else do you need?

How much can I make?

Well, your first review isn’t really paid, it’s a kind of test review. There are a set of guidelines you must follow while reviewing a book. Once the editors determine that you meet all the requirements of a review on your first submission, then you can get paid beginning with your second review. Initially, they pay 5$ per review, but as you level up, you can make up to 60$ per review. They also have daily giveaways. They offer rewards from time to time. They pay via PayPal.

How does OnlineBookClub work?

The book review must adhere to the guidelines. The editor is damn strict about it. They calculate the score for your review, and based on the score, they offer paid reviews.

First, you will select the book of your choice from “Review Team Page” then you will download the book, and of course you’ll read. When you are done with reading, you need to write a review as per the guidelines and submit it. Once you submit a review, within a week, the Editor Saab will evaluate it and will give a score. Based on your score, your review will get published, and you will be paid via PayPal.

How to register for them?

The registration process is quite simple.

  1. Visit
  2. Fill the registration form and click on “Submit” and Verify your email.
  3. Login to your account and choose a username and provide them with your PayPal details.

As simple as that!


Points to keep in mind

  • The website might seem sceptical with full of ads. Don’t worry about it.
  • I found it very difficult to navigate through the website and understand all the benefits the website offered, but after I fully learned everything, I have been benefiting a great deal from the club. So, don’t judge by looks.
  • Once you choose the book, You must update your status in “Review Team Page.” It is mandatory to update the status, and you must review the book before the deadline.
  • They offer about 2 weeks for reading the book and an additional week to review it.
  • They are very strict about the guidelines; the editor will read literally every word of your review. Every mistake costs 10 points out of 100.
  • There is a lot to learn about the navigation of the site, rules for writing reviews, and guidelines about how to earn points to gain a higher level which allows you to earn more money.
  • User for proofreading also needless to say your review must be plagiarism free.

Payment Proof



Thanks to one of my dearest friend who informed me about this site. If you have any further questions comment down below. Also, you can mail me at

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