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August 31, 2020


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OneForma is part of Pactera EDGE Technologies NA, Inc., a global consulting, solution, and outsourcing services provider. OneForma offer jobs in up to 150 languages, so you can work from home or wherever you need to be.

The good thing is OneForma also offers jobs in Native Indian languages like Hindi,ย Telugu, Tamil etc.,

  • Transcription is the systematic representation of language in written form. They will provide an audio file, your job is to listen to the audio properly and submit it in the written form.
  • Data Collection is a process of collecting the data. Data Collection tasks include Image collection, Handwriting collection, Video collection etc.,
  • Translation is the process of translating words or text from one language into another. You can select the language pair which you would like to translate.
  • Testing is an activity of examining the quality of the given software product. You just need to use the software product for a while, and you should give your feedback.
  • Internet Judging helps to improve the quality of results on the internet. This mainly includes UHRS tasks. To know more about UHRS, Click here.


Most of the jobs that are mentioned above can be done by a Smartphone but prefer a Laptop/Desktop for a better experience.ย ย 

You donโ€™t need any technical qualifications; however, you have some basic knowledge on the Internet.

How to register for OneForma?

  1. Navigate to my.oneforma.com/Account/register
  2. Upload your photo, Fill the required information, accept the terms and conditions and click on โ€œYES PLEASE – I want to join the OneForma community!โ€
  3. Go to your email and click on โ€œACTIVATE MY ONEFORMA ACCOUNT.โ€
  4. Enter your email and password and click on โ€œLogin.โ€
  • OneForma Signup

How to apply for Jobs on OneForma?

  1. Once you log in, you can see the โ€œJobโ€ option on the header, click on it.
  2. You find the different types of jobs, as mentioned above. Select the job and click on โ€œView More.โ€ย 
  3. On the next screen, you will find more details about the job and click on โ€œApply Now.โ€

Thatโ€™s it. Keep in mind that some jobs might ask for certifications. You need to have those certifications to get qualified for them.

Once you apply for a job, the qualification team will verify your profile, and they will invite you via email. Unlike Appen Connect, the qualification process is quite simple, and also you can expect to hear back within a week.


They pay via PayPal, and also they do direct Bank Transfers. To get paid you need to fill in the W8 form. You can fill it online using Abode Reader.

They issue all payments between the 15th and the 25th of each month, covering everything OneFormers completed up until the 25th of the previous month. The transfer might take a few days though, so it is sometimes common to receive your payment outside these dates.

TheDollarHacks Tips

  • Once you get qualified for the job, start working ASAP.
  • Complete the certifications in your free time this will enhance your qualification and also helps in unlocking more jobs.
  • Apart from your native language also add English-US which boosts your profile.

How to contact support

This is the major con of OneForma. Their support takes a long time to respond. There are times where they didnโ€™t even respond to my queries.

However, you can contact them at contact@oneforma.com

Payment Proof

OneForma Payment Proof

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  1. Abhilasha

    Can u please help me out in filling my SWIFT code, IBAN code and W-8 BEN, thank you in advance.

    • Mr.๐Ÿ˜Ž

      Hello, thanks for commenting. For cashing out from OneForma I recommend PayPal. However, SWIFT code is a unique code for a bank to receive international payments. Not every bank has a SWIFT code I’d recommend to contact your bank. IBAN is popularly used in Eastern countries. If you are from India, then skip filling the IBAN.
      If you are living outside the United States, The W8 form is mandatory in order to receive payments from OneForma. Download the W8 form and fill it using the Online tools like Abode Reader also, you can print it out, fill, scan and upload.
      I hope this is helpful. Thank you and Happy Earning ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Asif

    Thanks! I have applied with your referral.

    • Mr.๐Ÿ˜Ž

      Thanks for your time, mate. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  3. Gaurav Soni

    how to oneforma ( ENGeneralform_Formfilling ) task ? i’m confused. help me ?


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