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August 11, 2020


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I know most of you people never heard this before. Dscout is a remote research platform. Dscout conducts paid studies. Moreover, Dscout uses a mobile application to collect people’s views on various aspects. They ask for your opinions on the products and services that you use daily, and you will be paid for your participation. Seems interesting, right?

Missions availability

Missions, in short, are the research studies. To participate in a mission, you’ll first need to submit an application to see if you’re a good fit. You can always see the available applications in your App dashboard. For an application, you need to answer a few short questions; however, sometimes you need to record a quick selfie video(60 seconds) expressing your views. Based on your application, the mission leader invites for the mission. All your applications will be reviewed manually by the mission leader, so it may take some time. In my case, I got an invitation from them after 5 days. If you are lucky, you will receive an invitation via email and also through in-app notification.

Keep in mind; you won’t get paid for applications. Dscout only pays for successful missions.

Most importantly, the availability of applications is infrequent 🙁

In my case, it took 25 days for an application to appear on my dashboard. I was lucky enough because I applied for three applications so far and got invited for two of them, which paid me 15,000 Rs. and also you can see the express missions section on your dashboard. Express missions pay instantly for your participation but these missions are super rare.

Most importantly, you can maximize your chances by following my quick tips. Don’t forget to check that out.


This is where Dscout conquers. Their pay was excellent. Some mission even pays 200$, and they pay via PayPal.

Never heard of PayPal before? Don’t worry. You can check out this article A Detailed Guide on PayPal for Beginners.

Every mission has a due date if you complete the mission on time; you will be paid within the next ten days. 

How to Be a Scout?

Please don’t get confused; they call their participants as Scout. Being a scout is very easy. 

The registration process is quite simple. They ask for essential information.

  1. Download the Dscout app from the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Click on Sign Up and enter your name, email address, and password.
  3. Complete your profile section and click on Save.
  4. Don’t forget to fill in your PayPal email address.

That’s it.

Quick Tips

  1. Under the profile section, choose American Indian as your Ethnicity. Demographics play a crucial role.
  2. Contemplate Applications. Be fluent, natural, and try to use US accent while recording selfie videos.
  3. Don’t contact support unless it is truly required.
  4. Complete the missions on time.
  5. Make a habit of checking the app at least once a day so, you cannot miss any opportunities.

Payments Proof

 Here is the proof


Are you looking for a part-time job? Here is my article Start working at Appen Connect I was hoping you could read it.

Want to know something else or facing any issues? Please let me know in the comment section below. Happy to Help 🙂

Thanks for your time. Happy Earning!


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  1. Abhilasha

    I loved ur blog
    Just installed dscout
    You suggested, mentioning as American Indian in the ethnicity category
    Is it fine to give the current address as we are staying in India??

    • Mr.😎

      I am glad you liked it.
      Yes, it is totally fine. Changing ethnicity helps to receive more Applications. Ethnicity has nothing to do with your current address. Thanks!


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