A Guide on Clickworker UHRS – Tips to Unlock Assessments

Clickworker uhrs

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August 8, 2020


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For better understanding, I was hoping you could read my previous posts about UHRS and Clickworker before getting started with this.

As said earlier, UHRS contracts with Clickworker together and they offer a workplace for us. 

Click here to register for Clickworker.

To gain access to UHRS, you should pass the UHRS I and II assessments. These assessments can be taken from the Clickworker account under the “Assessments” section. You should clear the UHRS I assessment with a minimum score of 85% to get access. UHRS II isn’t really a test. It provides the instructions and also assists you in setting up your UHRS account. Remember, the assessment is non-repeatable. Once you fail the assessment, that’s it, you are failed. You cannot retake the test. When you crack the qualification, then you need to set up a Microsoft LiveID. Follow the instructions in UHRS II to do that.

Working on UHRS

Once you clear those assessments, you will be given access for UHRS. Now, you should see the UHRS under the reserved job section in your clickworker dashboard. 

  1. Click on Start
  2. If you are a newbie, read the instructions and also have a look at the UHRS Guide. That should solve all the questions that you have in mind.
  3. Scroll down and click on Get my location (make sure your location is turned on and you give location access to the browser.)
  4. Do the necessary CAPTCHA verification and click on UHRS Login-Site.
  5. Login to your UHRS account using LiveID and start working.

5 Reasons why you are not invited for clickworker UHRS assessment

  • You didn’t verify your phone number with clickworker. 

Solution: Go to ‘contact details’ under the “Profile” section. Please scroll down to find the mobile number and make sure you fill it and verify.


  • You didn’t provide them with your payment details, or you didn’t verify your PayPal with them.

Solution: Under Account section, go to the Payment details and fill it with your PayPal email address. Also, enter your PAN number in place of Tax details and confirm it. Now, verify your PayPal account data by logging in to your PayPal account.


  • You didn’t add English in the language section of your profile.

Solution: To solve this, go to the clickworker profile under the profile section and then go to the ‘Languages’ tab and make sure you add English as your native language. You can also add other languages, but the English language is the prerequisite for UHRS tasks.


  • Your profile is not complete.

Solution: Fill out all the sub-sections under profile without any gaps.


  • Other common reasons
  1. The verification email can be a reason. Make sure to verify your email.
  2. Your account might not be old enough. Give them some time, and keep checking assessments regularly. Gradually they show up.

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