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uTest review

What is uTest and How to Get Started?

Before knowing about uTest, you should get familiar with "Applause." Applause is a global company that tests hardware and software products. Applause utilizes uTest for crowd testing. uTest involves live testing of software and hardware. uTest empowers Applause to...

OnlineBookClub: Make money by reviewing books

This gonna be interesting, keep reading! OnlineBookClub is one of the hidden sites. You will get paid for reviewing books. Keep in mind this isn't a rich scheme. The overnight riche mindsets can stop reading right away and continue your daydreaming! Ask yourself how...

UserTesting: Make Money by Testing Apps/Websites

What is UserTesting?As the name says, UserTesting is a website that pays you for testing the websites and apps. UserTesting is an on-demand human insight platform that quickly gives companies a first-person understanding of their products and services. In simple...

Lionbridge: The best way to make 500$ per month

Lionbridge is one of the best crowdsourcing companies in the world. The had a global community of over +1 million crowd workers. They actively recruit people from all backgrounds, irrespective of capabilities, and circumstances. Apart From the Raters, Annotators, and...
1000$ per month

This is how I am averaging 1000$ per month!

I know 1000$ per month may sound unreal for you, but it's true. I'll attach the payment proofs below. Coming to the point, I came into this online money making world since the COVID lockdown. While everyone in India lost their jobs due to the pandemic, I am filling my...
Top 3 survey sites in India

Top 3 Survey Sites in India with Tips to Qualify

What are surveys and why are they carried out? Surveys are used to know the general view of people to improve the products and services. Many companies, Public and Private Organizations, want to know people's opinions who use their products and services. Surveys are...
Top 10

TOP 10 Legitimate Websites that actually pay

This Top 10 list will be updated monthly. So, keep checking. I wrote detailed reviews, tips, and tricks along with payment proofs in my previous articles, so check them out before registering. Please Note: I am not being sponsored by any of these sites. These are all...

A Detailed Guide on OneForma

OneForma is part of Pactera EDGE Technologies NA, Inc., a global consulting, solution, and outsourcing services provider. OneForma offer jobs in up to 150 languages, so you can work from home or wherever you need to be. The good thing is OneForma also offers jobs in...
Testable Minds

Testable Minds: Lend Your Mind To Science

If you are looking for quick money, Testable Minds is perfect for you. Get dollars every week! World's best universities need your mind. Participate in online studies and get paid.Testable Minds?Testable Minds is a platform where researchers from the world's most...

Yay! Dscout Paid me 15k – Complete Guide on Dscout

Dscout I know most of you people never heard this before. Dscout is a remote research platform. Dscout conducts paid studies. Moreover, Dscout uses a mobile application to collect people's views on various aspects. They ask for your opinions on the products and...

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